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DSA will align with the Georgia Department of Health and CDC Return to School Guidelines

DSA will display COVID-19 and relevant public health signage in classrooms, hallways, common areas and entrances to communicate how to stop the spread, COVID-19 symptoms, preventative measures (including staying home when sick), good hygiene, and school specific protocols.  DSA will establish a protocol for scholars and staff who feel ill and/or experience symptoms when they come to school. 

In addition to daily fogging and COVID-19 cleaning, DSA will provide the following safety protocols:

  • Marked space  lines to enter the building and designate entrance and exit flow paths.

  • All scholars and staff will be screened for temperatures using thermal cameras as they enter the building.

  • All scholars will be given one face shield and one face mask; and be required to wear it within the building

  • Sneeze guards will be provided between each student station

  • Class schedules will be staggered to minimize congregation

  • Hybrid Scholar Participants will receive established protocol for drop off and pick up

  • All Staff and Visitors will be required to wear masks within the building

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